Hier moeten miljarden schouders onder

Non-profit magazine Truthout interviewt publieke intellectueel Noam Chomsky en econoom Graciela Chichilnisky over klimaatverandering.


‘Climate change ranks along with nuclear warfare as the top two risks facing human civilization.’

Op de vraag welke realistische, uitvoerbare acties er zouden moeten worden genomen om het tij alsnog te keren, volgen deze antwoorden:

Chomsky: Rapid ending of use of fossil fuels, sharp increase in renewable energy, research into new options for sustainable energy, significant steps toward conservation, and not least, a far-reaching critique of the capitalist model of human and resource exploitation; even apart from its ignoring of externalities, the latter is a virtual death knell for the species.

Chichilnisky: Here is a plan consisting of realistic and enforceable actions that can be taken now to tackle the climate change threat: We have to remove the CO2 that the industrial economy has already emitted, which otherwise will remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and alter the Earth’s climate irreversibly. It is possible to do this. The technology now exists to remove carbon directly from the atmosphere and is proven, very safe and inexpensive.

Tjonge. Hier moeten miljarden schouders onder. Offers worden gebracht. Begin alvast bij jezelf, zou ik zeggen. Doe wat er binnen je mogelijkheden ligt. Hoe klein ook.

Lees het hele interview op Truthout.